Oregon Coast

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beach-hdr1 beachhdr2 beachhdr3 bench-hdr clutteredwall-hdr oysters  star3 star7 star8 whitethngstar2


Berklee and Charlee

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BerknChar1 BerknChar3 char2BerknChar6 BerknChar9 BerknChar10 BerknChar11 boots

Char6 Char8 Char3

Ashlie and Her Boys

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Kelsey’s (my wife) friend at work and her two boys.

ashlie-and-brenton theboysonfence nose-chase nose-brenton kissingchase handsvint hands2 fam chaseshoes chase2 chase1 chase-brenton Brenton2 Brenton1 Ashlie

Black and White Variations 

ashlie-and-brentonBW ashlie-and-brentonBWC AshlieBW AshlieBWC Brenton1BW chase1BWC chase2BW chaseshoesBW handsBW


Extra Photos For Photobook

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HDR Composite Contest

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This contest was put on by Caryn Esplin on her website. The contest was to take a HDR image she shot and take a portrait that we shot and merge them together, creating a HDR composite. These two shots are my entrees. The contest started June 6th 2012 and the winner will be announced on the 20th or 21st of June. I chose this contest because I thought it would be fun and I have always wanted to have this skill so it was a good opportunity to practice. (I submitted my entry on June 7th)



The Portrait: 5/20/2012 – 8:00 PM; Idaho Falls, Idaho; Canon EOS REBEL T3i; F-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS; f/4.0; 1/250 sec.; ISO 400; 24.0 mm; Tripod.

With this image I first color matched my portrait to get the the lighting and colors to match more so that my image would blend with Caryn’s. I then made a selection of me and saved the section. then I simply dragged and dropped the selection in the train image.I then flipped the portrait. Then to make it look like the portrait belonged more I added filters, adjusting layers, and gradients. Then to ad more of a focal point I blurred the background to a little. I then added hue and saturation layers to help once again with blending the two Photos.  Lastly I copied the background layer and sharpened the portrait.

This is the Life


This is the Life: 9/25/2010 – 2:59 PM; Sheep Falls, Idaho; Canon PowerShot SD600; 5.8-17.4 mm; f/3.2; 1/800 sec.; ISO 100; 7.1 mm; Tripod.

This one was a little more tricky for me. Although It was about the same process as Swagger. I did the color matching and selection the same. Once I got the selection on the background I sized it down to so that it would be proportionate to the the dock, river, and tree. Then with the selection selected on a new layer I filled the selection with black and turned down the opacity. then using distortion and transform I dragged the filled selection do to the dock to make the shadow. I then masked the shadow so the plants would look like they where in front. Then I added a hue and saturation layer and decreased the saturation of the background so the two pictures would blend together a little better. And again for blending purposes I added a brightness and contrast layer to the selection.


Heres a link to the contest website:



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The Old Red Door: 36×24

Canon EOS REBEL T3i; 5/24/2012 –5:57 PM; Shutter Priority; +2: 1/64 sec, 0: 1/64 sec, -2: 1/64 sec; +2: f/14, 0: f/29, -2: f/29; ISO 1600; Tripod

This is an HDR images that I put into photomatix and put a creative adjustment on. I then put it into photoshop to edit the top right corner of the image where the roof was lower. I used adjustment layers with the stamp tool and cropping to fix it.I used on another adjustment layer to increase sharpening and contrast.

I chose this Image for my poster image because it sticks out. It catches the eye with the contrast of the green in the grass and mostly the red in the door next to the detailed and grungy gray and browns of the wood. It makes you feel something that is hard to explain. I guess a sense of wonder and wanting to know the story behind this old faded yet vibrant (in comparison to the world around it) door that has seen so much. If walls could tell stories o the stories they could tell, right?

Blurred Lights 

Light Travel


Canon EOS REBEL T3i, 5/31/2012 – 10:27 PM, 3.2 sec, F/3.5, ISO 100

To make this image I took glow sticks and simply, with a 3 second shutter, through them in the air. When I imported it in to Photoshop. The first thing I didn’t like about it was the colors. I felt like it would look better with different colors so I first added a hue and saturation layer and set the hue at -139 and the saturation to +15. Then the lights were to dim for my liking so I added a brightness and contrast layer and set brightness to 84 and contrast to 60 to bring out the movements of the light trails more. To get more detail in the light trails I lastly add a levels layer and moved the grey slider to 1.04 and the white to 204. I then rotated the image to be vertical.

Light Fountain


Canon EOS REBEL T3i, 5/31/2012 – 10:26 PM, 3.2 sec, F/3.5, ISO 100

With this image I had the same problem with the brightness and saturation because I had to have the shutter speed low to get the trails I wanted. So I add a hue and saturation layer and move the hue slider to -13 and saturation to +11. Then I added a levels layer to bring out the trails even more like with “Light Travel.”

Camera Motion

Cosmic Explosion 


Canon EOS REBEL T3i, 5/31/2012 – 10:36 PM, 16.0 sec, F/11, ISO 100

Flying Blob

Canon EOS REBEL T3i, 5/31/2012 – 10:39 PM, 16.0 sec, F/5.6, ISO 100

For these images I set some glow sticks on the floor in a pattern and then with a slow shutter speed moved the camera. With “Cosmic Explosion” I set up the pattern I wanted and then walked in a circle around it. I love the effect that I got from it but I thought it would be a more interesting picture if it had different colors that the primary colors so in Photoshop I added a hue and saturation layer and played with the sliders and came up with the hues slider at -75 and the saturation at -27.

With the “Flying Blob” I set two long green light sticks next to each other on the floor and at one end I placed a circular pink glow stick. I started at one end of the green sticks and moved the pink. Once over the pink I moved the lens in a circle to get the green streak and  the pink blob. I loved the color saturation and brightness to I left the picture how it came out of the camera.

Light Sketching

Canon EOS REBEL T3i, 5/31/2012 – 10:15 PM, 32.0 sec, F/4.0, ISO 100

Canon EOS REBEL T3i, 5/31/2012 – 10:00 PM, 20.0 sec, F/3.5, ISO 100

So this is a great date night. My wife and I had fun making all different shapes and writing our names and making pictures together. These pictures are both straight of the camera. I felt that there was no needed edits. see that the shutter time was long enough and we moved slow enough for the camera to catch the light I got the out come I was looking for. Fun stuff.

Light Painting

Dark Piano 


Canon EOS REBEL T3i, 5/31/2012 – 11:00 PM, 32.0 sec, F/5.0, ISO 100

The Flash light I was using was a little harsh but with Photoshop I fixed it a little bit. This was shot with a long shutter speed and painted light with a flash light. This was one of my first tries at light painting so I had to learn how to control how much light and so on.

The Bell

Canon EOS REBEL T3i, 5/31/2012 – 11:14 PM, 16.0 sec, F/5.0, ISO 100

I light painted this bell with a LED/ laser pointer and a blue light stick. thats how i got the blue hue on the left side. The led was really bright and a lot of light flooded from it so i had to use my fingers to funnel the light. the only edit i made was a slight increase in saturation in photoshop.

Party Glass

Canon EOS REBEL T3i, 5/31/2012 – 11:23 PM, 16.0 sec, F/5.6, ISO 100

This photo was the same at ‘The Bell” except i added a red light stick.